I’m Here in Uchina

Haisai gusuyo! It was such a nice flight this time around, as compared to last June on China airlines. United had all the senior citizens working on the flight, but siting in a spacious seat was great, and even to Okinawa on ANA. The service and food on both were nice. Anyway, Okinawa is HOT! Deeji achisanyaibindo! There is a breeze though so its still bearable. Today I’ll be going to the taikai rally in Ginowan. There are posters and huge banners all over as well as the newspapers filling the pages with articles and commentary. It seems like this is going to be very big. I went this morning to Shuri to pay respects to the royalty and ask to watch over the events for today. I also went to an exhibition of the Sho royal treasures which is on display at Pallet Kumoji’s new Naha City Historical Museum. It was awesome to see the treasures of our royal past, especially the symbol of out LooChoo kingdom…the crown. These artifacts have been given by the current descendent of the royal line to the city of Naha and a decision has been made not to take it to the new National Museum when its opened in a few months. Thats a relief. Anyway, I will post as I can. Time to get ready to go to the taikai. Mata atu hanase usagaimisebiri!