Some Time to Reasearch and Network

Ippei ma-san!Enjoying LooChoo delicacies at Urizunimg_0062.jpgYokoe and his wife with some bongata artworkUchisome chiransanya!Uchina iro, Okinawa’s colors reflected in the bingataimg_0067.jpgYuntaku Suba, ShuiShui suba sabitan, Shuinkai ichimadin chimuchijiki

The afternoon at the rally was great. Hiyane, Maekado, and Uezato-senseis took me out to relax last night at a popular LooChoo Izakaya near Ufudou, called Urizun. All LooChoo kwatchi! I haven’t really had anything other than Okinawan food. No complaints at all! Today, I went to Shuri to meet with Yokoe-san who does “uchisome” or as the Yamatunchu call it..bingata. We talked over the possibility of him coming to Hawaii to do a workshop for those of you interested in making your own bingata or even just seeing the process first-hand. He also expressed his efforts to preserve the traditional way of bingata by using tools hand-fashioned himself. We then went to Yuntaku Suba to eat the famouse Shuri soba. Tonight we will be watching the Kumi Udui in Shuri Castle.

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  1. Toshi

    Haisai Sensei,

    I am glad to read your great travel story in Okinawa!

    One thing;

    I wrote an article of your interview, and it was on Times last week, according to my uncle. You can ask someone in Okinawa to make a copy. Unfortunately, we cannot read it on the web…


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