Ishikawa first to rebuild after war


Yesterday Aza Gushikawa’s nundunchi nu Kamida and Uehara-sensei took me to Ishikawa to look at an exhibition of Ishikawa’s history. Ishikawa was the first to rebuild after the war, which makes this town the oldest since the ending of the war. Many tent villages were set up to house the thousands of Okinawans who were left homeless. Soon after, traveling performing groups were created. They were split into three: Sho, Chiku, and Bai. These groups went from village to village to ease the suffering and anxieties of the people after the war. The groups included well known artists such as Tamagusuku Seigi, Miyagi Nozo, Oyadomari, Four Sisters, and Teruya Rinsuke.


There was also an exhibit of a silversmith’s tools and box which is the actual properties of the kanjeku that the song and dance is about. This “kanjeku” was born and lived in Ishikawa.