Okinawa Times Book: Voices from the Past

A book put together by the Okinawa Times Newspaper holds valuable information on LooChoo(Ryukyuan) dance, and the basic structure. Emerging from the island of Maui, and being almost perfectly preserved, the voices of revered sensei give us valuable information of the traditional structure of Okinawan dance. The “konkuru” or testing for the performing arts was started by the Okinawa Times newspaper in the 50’s. Ten years later, a reveiw was done by the prominent sensei. These sensei were the ones who created the different styles, and also were the direct link to the sensei who had been the last to perform and teach in the court during the LooChoo Kingdom era. After the first ten years, these sensei decided to get together and put into writing the different explanation of styles and also to explain the basics of the dance. This is very important now, especially since current dominatrix sensei are changing these traditional forms and styles to make room for their own. They are totally erasing the footprints left by the revered sensei. Thanks to the Okinawa Times, the many different names of movements, styles, history, and even valuable photos have been preserved through this book. You can see that the sensei who contrubued wanted these traditions to be passed on and preserved, and that their focus was a collaborative one moving in the same direction, instead of the self centered path that the performing arts are on now.