“Udui” LooChoo dance workshop brings rare glimpse of Okinawa

ryojin.jpg On January 19th, Ukwanshin continued its series of “Identity” LooChoo nu Kwa Workshop, with the “Udui” program which gave demonstrations of the various genres of court dances, and fwa udui or folk dance. The dances were explained along with the meaning of certain motions, and explanation of the costumes. The Maui Okinawa Kaikan was full as the attendees sat classroom style, many with pen and paper to takenubui1.jpeg notes. The interest in a deeper understanding of the history and arts of Okinawa seems to be alive and well in the Maui Okinawa community. A big mahalo to the Maui Ryukyu Culture Group for their work in arranging the event. This was a prelude to the production of “LooChoo nu Kwa, Children of LooChoo,” on March 28th at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. Tickets are already on sale.


Photos courtesy of Renee Nakata, Maui.

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