Bingata Workshop with Okinawa Artist

bingata-katachiki.jpg    A bingata workshop and exhibit will be held in June with visiting artist Yuhsuke Yokoe of Shuri.  We have not set a definite date yet, but are in discussion with the Academy of Arts textile department for the Honolulu wrokshop, and the Maui Ryukyu Culture Group, for the Maui workshop. The workshop will include the explanation and use of the style, sequence and tools, as well as a hands on coloring with traditional dyes and tools for your own piece of artwork you can take home to frame, use as placemat, or cushion case.  A donation of $60 will be requested to cover materials and expenses.  Mr. Yuhsuke will also have pieces available for sale.  This is a rare opportunity to learn an art that was reserved for use by the royal court, and which has become one of Okinawa’s symbols.  Space is limited in Honolulu, as well as as Maui, and we would like to have a contact list of interested persons so we can let you know when the date will be once we confirm the date within the month.  The $60 donation will include workshop, take-home artwork,  admission to the music and dance presentation featuring bingata costumes, and exhibit. Book early by signing up through this blog, or emailing us at