A Message on the upcoming show “LooChoo nu Kwa”, from Jamie Oshiro

Haitai family and friends!


I have had the great fortune to be invited to participate as the Narrator in Ukwanshin Kabudan’s recent production held at the Maui Arts & Culture Center called:


 “Loochoo nu Kwa, Children of Loochoo (Ryukyu)”   a total novice to my own culture, I  found myself deeply impressed with the whole production of  Okinawa’s fine arts of classical Ryukuan court dances, lively fun folk dances, history, fun stories, a live music set with the three talented sensei’s. Norman Kaneshiro, Eric Wada and Keith Nakaganeku who share some pretty cool and poignant stories in this set.  


All of this is interwoven with a thought provoking story of a young man who returns home to Hawai’i for his Grandmothers funeral. After being away for college on the mainland, he now finds himself struggling with so many unanswered questions about his culture, his identity, and his Grandmother.

The story lingers on in your mind after you leave the show.  You realize much

of the story reflects your own.


I am always surprised of how much I do not know about my own Okinawan culture…being a part of this production I  feel that I am truly grateful and consider myself very fortunate to play this teeny part.  I get to learn so much, the sensei’s are there to answer all my questions and I think I can now begin to understand their deep passion and commitment towards cultural preservation.  And I am just scratching the surface! 


During the last set I couldn’t stop my tears from falling as I listened to the Sensei’s share their stories and sing so beautifully.  Quite unexpectedly I found myself overwhelmed  with emotions of happiness, respect, gratitude, joy, intense pride, along with my new discoveries of  my Okinawan heritage that I had never experienced before and then of course…the inevitable… hanabata!


I hope you will find the time to spend the afternoon with us as we share the creations of our ancestors through their music, stories and dances. 


Our guests will be in for a surprise experience this summer!.

We are excited and proud to announce the presentation of  “LooChoo nu Kwa” on

Sunday August 24th, 2pm at the Mamiya Theater. 

See you all there!

Jamie Oshiro


Call us for tickets by June 2008 (no service fees)

Jamie 728-0062

Eric 292-8862

Norman 294-9452


Thereafter call Honolulu Box Office 550-8457 or www.honoluluboxoffice.com