ShimaUta Awamori! Ippei Ma-san! ぐすよう、島唄琉球泡盛,夏ぬ中,三線,エイさーやいいあんべい!

287711484_975968041_0.jpegAs we get into the summer months, the hot weather of the islands have our throats thirsting for some refreshing drinks.  August 15th draws closer for “ukui”, Okinawa Obon, and the sound of sanshin and eisa drums emerge from their sleep with practices and bondance festivals starting.  Awamori…or “shimagwa”, is the refreshing answer to the hot weather of summer.  Over ice, splash of water, splash of 7up, or any other favorite mix, is the way shimanchu enjoys times together.  “ShimaUta” awamori from Itoman, Okinawa is available in Marukai and Donquijote.  Taste this refreshing spirit of Uchina this summer, and don’t forget to keep your dates open for all the events we have planned also.  いちゃびらちょで島唄ヌメ!Here’s a picture of  Masayoshi Azuma, showing off ShimaUta awamori, at the Cherry Company’s product show held at JCCH.