Hawai`i Okinawan Community Loses a Great Historian, Researcher, Kupuna. June Arakawa, a great supporter, advisor, and resource.

June Arakawa, a staunch supporter of Okinawan tradition, and culture, passed away on the evening of August 27th, in the midst of her family at home.  She has been a great supporter of Ukwanshin, and was one of our valuable assets to our local Okinawan history and culture.  She never asked or made herself to be recognized for her work that she silently did freely, at the Hawai`i Okinawa Center.  I went to visit her after talking over the phone early this month, to invite her as a guest to our LooChoo nu Kwa show.  She continually apologized for her weak health, and wished she was strong enough to attend.  Seeing her at the house was both hopeful and bittersweet.  Her frail frame was only brightened by her smile and warm welcome as we sat and talked in her living room.  She talked about all the work she still had to do, and how much she wanted to finish her book.  “I have you folks in there too you know.  You folks are a few of the only ones who can pass on our culture.  I’m so happy its in your hands. We don’t have to worry.”  She then apologized again, and I just told her to get well ad we can bring the video to enjoy.  She just smiled and said she would be there in spirit and praying for a successful show.  She reminded me so much of my grandma shortly before she passed away.  June Arakawa is a confirmation of the richness of what our kupuna have to offer, but when they do leave us, they also take alot wih them.  She has confirmed the message of our show.  A show that she was actually a part of whether she realized it or not.  She has and always will be an inspiration to all of the Ukwanshin, LooChoo nu Kwa cast, as we find it more and more our obligation to carry the message of our kupuna out to the community untill it moves as many as possible to return to our roots and once again connect all of us again, even all the way across the ocean to other shimanchu around the globe.  Thank you June for all you have given us.  We are connected to you…we are all LooChoo nu Kwa!  Our condolences and prayers go out to the Arakawa family.  “Tinsagu nu hana ya, chimisachimi sumiti, Uya nu yushigutu ya, chimuni sumiti.”

2 thoughts on “Hawai`i Okinawan Community Loses a Great Historian, Researcher, Kupuna. June Arakawa, a great supporter, advisor, and resource.

  1. John Arakawa

    Was just googling and came acrossn this article about my mom. You mentioned a video was taken with interview and wondering if you have a copy so I can show my daughter. Thank you.

  2. admin

    Aloha John,

    So sorry for this late reply, but the video I mentioned was not of an interview,but of one of our shows I wanted your mom to see. I hope everything is well with your family, and we still think of her a lot and is her for everything she gave and inspired us with.


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