Honolulu Star Bulletin Letter to the Editor August 28th 2008, LooChoo nu Kwa


Theater performance shows cultures’ value

“Loo Choo nu Kwa” performance at Mamiya Theatre on Sunday was one of the most powerful cultural performance we have seen of late. I extend my admiration and thanks to Eric Wada, Norman Kaneshiro and their company for putting forth light on this little-known rich culture of Ryukyu (Okinawa) islands. Not only did they bring a remarkable performance to stage, they also reminded us that we must remember and respect our diverse cultures. Every one of these cultures is an evolution of thousands of years of language, art, dance, poetry and spirit.Throughout the show they reminded us that respecting and nurturing the lessons learned from our kupuna are important. Past is our foundation on which we build our future. There is also an element of urgency as our kupuna have a finite life span, so learn from them now.I am grateful to the Hawaiian people that we thrive as a harmonious multicultural society. Every culture is like a beautiful plant bearing different colorful fragrant flowers and fruits. Lest we nurture our cultures, we all will be lost in the barren landscape of a mono-culture. 

Birendra Singh Huja