Ukwanshin Benkyo Kai Receiving Positive Response/ Other Workshops Coming Up!

The first three benkyo kai held at Norman’s house in Manoa have been well attended and interest seems to be growing. Special thanks goes out to the guest speakers, especially the last two..Chifuang, and Masae, who gave interesting information on Ryukyu’s most southern and northern regions.  If you haven’t been to the benkyo kai yet, we meet on the first Monday of every month at 8:30pm-10/10:30.  The next on will be on April 6th with the theme “Understanding Okinawan Culture and Applying it to a Christian Society”.      Other Workshops coming up, aside form the benkyo kai, is Okinawan language, and kimono making.  Please check back on this blog for more information, or contact Norman or Eric to sign up.  Spaces will be limited.