Union Group Observes 400th Anniversary of Satsuma Invasion: End of Peace for LooChoo

See full size image             An Okinawan union group and a group of about 150 observed the anniversary of the Satsuma invasion of Okinawa yesterday, marking the 400th anniversary.  According to historical documents, the Satsuma invaders took hold of northern Okinawa, through Nakijin, on April 24th, 1609, and went on to Shuri, to force the king’s abdication on April 27th 1609.  The event was a somber one, with the people lighting candles at Nakijin Castle.  There will be another observance Monday, at Shuri, to observe the overthrow.  In our LooChoo history however, Satsuma forced the king to remain as a puppet so they would gain control of trade with China, but at the same time, began the heavy taxation of the LoChoo (Okinawa) people.  Due to the lack of rice in Okinawa, textiles became one of the main source of payment, adhering to strict guidelines and punishment for any dmaged or imperfections.  This went on untill the final removal of the king from Shuri in 1879, when they took him to Edo ( Tokyo), and lessened his title to marquis.  The eldest son of the last king (Sho, Tai) still lives in Tokyo, and two other brothers in Okinawa.