English Immersion School To Be Built In Gushikawa: Model For Other Schools Throughout Okinawa to Eradicate Local Language

The new mayor of Uruma City, and other representitives for the area, have okayed the construction of Okinawa’s first English Immersion School on a forest park area.  The property on which this project is to be established, is one of the few open green areas left in Gushikawa.  The school will also be a model for future schools, should the Okinawans want more.  The ironic thing about this is that the locals will only be allowed to have 5 native students entered to the school.  The rest will be elite Japanese and possibly American students.  They hope that this will encourage more influence for mainstreaming English into the population, and have the population believe that change such as this needs to happen to get ahead in the future.     What will happen to the local language?  This seems to be another move by the Japanese and possibly the American governments to colonize even more, and eliminate the efforts of those who are trying to preserve the local Okinawan language. We need to keep a close eye on this and other situations as this.  We will keep you posted as we receive new information.