Okinawa Still Being Scarificed: Henoko and Takae Now the Targets of Base Expansion

Base expansion in Okinawa is continuing, as Okinawa is still being sacrificed and used by the Japanese Government to carry the burden of base expansion by holding out the golden carrot of money to the local government officials. Most recently, a 5400 page environmental report was released by the ministry of defense, and presented to the community in Henoko. No mention of the endangered dugong was mentioned in the report. Questions were raised by the local residents, but fell on deaf ears. In Takae, north of Ogimi village, they are also facing a new challenge…threat. They have been protesting the expansion of a heliport to accomadate the osprey aircraft. Now, they have been presented with a lawsuit by the Japanese Government for obstruction, due to the American military complaints of “loud riotous protests that obstruct and cause concern for safety”. The Takae sit ins have only been peaceful, with only a few residents rotating shifts at the designated gates. This bogus lawsuit went to trial yesterday, in an historic act, as the first time the government has sued local residents for trying to protect what is rightfully theirs. 24 attorneys have stepped up to back the Takae locals in this case. It is interesting that America so tousts its democracy to the world, when it doesn’t practice it itself. There is news of decrease of troops and closing of Futenma, but the expansion of Henoko and Takase just doesn’t make sense. How mush more must Okinawa suffer?

2 thoughts on “Okinawa Still Being Scarificed: Henoko and Takae Now the Targets of Base Expansion

  1. Eric Post author

    Your idea that the bases are not expanding and thousands of troops being relocated is common. The news and information of troops being relocated to Guam, and making it sound like there’s going to be a decrease in American presence in Okinawa is a great facade and lie. Guam is supposed to be used as a transition area as troops will be rotated through Guam and back to Okinawa. According to investigative research and information given by the US military, Henoko would be the area to take on the bulk of the restructuring movement after the expansion of the base. Whether more troops will be moved there ir not, is not the problem. The foremost problem at this time is that there really is no need to expand, especially if it is going to destroy the dugong habitat, as well as many other endangered species such as the walking coral, which is only found in Oura Bay. The life of the locals is at stake as well. At the beginning of the process, surveyors were sent out to begin work and locals found surveyors on their farmland mapping out areas, without prior knowledge of any kind of expansion. Similar procedures and events have affected the Takae area. Again…why must Okinawa take sucha huge burden of US military presence? The locals in Henoko, as well as Takae have been asking questions, but there have been no responses, except that “we cannot comment at this time”. For the locals at Henoko, this has been the answer to them for the past 10 years. When will the war in Okinawa end?

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