Ukwanshin Okinawa Study Tour and Conference 2009

shuigusukuThe fourth study tour presented by Ukwanshin will be departing for Okinawa on October 19-28th. The theme of our tour and conference is “How Do We Preserve Our Identity and Culture.” As in the past, we try to avoid the commercial, tourist areas, and focus on places that connect us to history, culture, music, dance, and which are in danger of being lost or changed. We also support locally owned businesses and stay at Okinawan owned hotels. The goal of our study tours is to gain more information and background of Okinawa. Not only it’s surface, but also try to get local perspectives and see changes that have occurred. Many of the meals include Okinawan traditional menus, and historical background information will be given throughout the tour. Some guidance will be given by local Okinawans. As we have been visiting Okinawa throught the past 10 years, we have seen great changes in culture and community. We would like to capture the image of Okinawa as it connects to our issei who first left Okinawa over 100 years ago, and experience it through the older generation that is left and who will not be available to us for much longer. Our conference in Okinawa will be a prelude to a larger one in the next year or so, and focus on discussion of local culture and arts that are in danger of dying or change. We will focus mostly on the Gushikawa/Uruma-shi area. If you would like more information or an itinerary for the tour, please contact us at