Toshimitsu’s Niibichi in Okinawa

toshis-weddingToshimitsu Matayoshi, a past obuchi scholarship recipient and foreign exchange student from Okinawa, got married in Ryukyu traditional costume this past weekend.  The ceremony and reception was held at the Shuri Nikko Hotel Grand Castle.  The ceremony was followed by an elaborate 8 course dinner which took 2 hours to complete.  During the dinner, the newlyweds roamed the tables and poured beer or awamori, and mingled with the guests.  They also did a candle lighting ceremony and cake cutting.  Toshi looked so nervous but happy, and relaxed with all the drink he was getting from friends and relatives.  Toshi even danced the opening celebration number “kageyadefu” with his aunty.  Othere entertainment followed, which included Okinawan dances, friends, and Norman and I played shimauta, and dedicated Miitubuni to them, as the words describe how a husband and wife should cooperate and work together through good and bad times, like a boat in the calm or stormy waters.         toshis-wedding1

The evening ended with the lively kachashii, that wished the couple abundant happiness, prosperity and children.toshi-kageyadefu1wedding

Toshi now works for the Okinawa Times Newspaper Company as a reporter and journalist.  His friends and bosses from the nespaper were present and all gave speeches describing him as a serious and dedicated individual.  We wish T?oshi and his new wife all the blessings in their new life together.