Maui Okinawa Children’s Day Camp Gives Children a Taste of Culture

Children making kokeshi dolls

From June 1-4, the Maui Okinawa Kenjin Kai held its annual Okinawa Children’s Day Camp at the Maui Okinawa Center. “Warabincha”, children, were treated to an array of activities which helped them to learn about Okinawan and Japanese culture.  Many of the things the chhildren got involved with, were hands on, and which allowed the participants to experience taste, touch, and visual.  Their senses were probably in overload from the fantastic workshops they participated in.

Okinawa bingo

The mornings began at 9am, and went to 4pm everyday.  On Friday, the last day, there was a pot luck dinner and presentations at family night, where the parents got to see the outcome of what the children did.  Activities included cooking classes in which the kids experienced making a konbu dish, popo (Okinawan crepes), noodles(kinda like chow fun), and homemade ice cream.  There were also arts and crafts where they learned how to make ikebana, paper daruma, kokeshi, and yakimono(pottery).  Warabi Uta and Udui(Okinawan dance and music) was enjoyed, as well as Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship), and plantation and Okinawan style games.

Eating ice cream they made. "Ice that Okinawan?

The Maui volunteers, and coordinators are to be commended for a great job, and seamless efforts that gave the Maui children values as well as culture.  Chibariyo!  Keep it up Maui!

Some of the crafts by the warabincha

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  1. Lorraine Ishikawa

    As a parent volunteer, it was fun & rewarding to be part of the summer camp program. Everyone there had a lot of fun & learned about the Okinawan culture at the same time. Food is always delicious,…,yes, the students learn to cook, too.

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