Hawi, Kohala Obon Matsuri : Times Past

Scotty Moriyama and a Japanese TV personality, visiting to film bon dance
Kohala’s Hawi obon dance was a slip back in time. The historical temple stood as the main guardian over the festivities, as the misty rain subsided and the music began. We were all surprised at the prices in the food booth. Made with loving care and donated, it was a shock to see musubi for 10cents, and ume musubi for 25cents. The people of Kohala are true examples of community and traditions.
WOW! Like looking back in time! Look at those prices!
The feeling of just being there to honor a tradition and pass on something to the young ones, was clearly evident. It was definitely not for profit, as so many bon dances in Honolulu and elsewhere have been focusing on, and making into a big business rather than observance of something for our ancesotrs.