Vegas “Kariyushi” Event by Ukwanshin Kabudan Sold Out!!!

The Okinawa cultural workshop, music concert, and first Okinawa bon dance for the Vegas Okinawa Kenjin Kai, has sold out almost a month away from the actual date of the event.  Event coordinators in Vegas were very pleasantly surprised and have said that they are still getting requests to attend.

Entitled “Kariyushi” Celebrating Our Culture, the festivities will be led by Ukwanshin Kabudan, and members of the Maui Ryukyu Culture Group. ” It looks like we will have to have a bigger one next year”, said Yuriko, one of the coordinators in Vegas, and member of the Vegas Kinjin Kai.  It was unexpected that the demand would be so great and quick.  “It looks like it will be standing room only”, said Yuriko.

The Vegas Okinawa Kenjin kai is working very closely with the Vegas JACL for the event.  Its the first real official event for the fledgeling group, which was officially formed last year.  Before that, a few members of Ukwanshin and affiliates went to just play music and bring some live Okinawan culture to those who haven’t been able to hear or see it for almost 20-30 years.

Its really nice to see that hunger and appreciation.  Its there because they don’t have much and miss it.  Its that voice of the sanshin that touches someplace in the shimanchu heart, and connects all of us.  Ukwanshin launches on another journey, as we look forward to present what we have to share to this community in the middle of the Nevada Desert.  Umanchu suruti, Uya nu kutu umui.  kariyushi nu ashibi, uduti ashiba!