Reflection of Okinawa, Hope Through the Hawaiian Model

Israel Kamakawiwa`ole, a Voice for Hawai`i

Click the above link to watch this emotional presentation by IZ.  The words he speaks, the emotions, the struggles that he talks about from the stage is reality for the Hawaiian people.  If you were to take that and just exchange it for Okinawa, along with some other problems, including the near extinction of our language, you can hear IZ referring to our Okinawa community also.

IZ and the Makaha Sons, and many other Hawaiian entertainers were not afraid to bring out reality from the stage and challenge the young Hawaiians and the community to do something to save their culture, language, history and identity.  Its because of their understanding of the crisis that they were facing, along with their solid understanding of who they are and where they came from.  In this video clip you will hear IZ refer back to the ancestors, just as we have been doing with Ukwanshin.  As he said, “Ancestors are forever, we are forever”.

As the date for the Worldwide Uchinaanchu Taikai approaches, those who are attending should also think about Okinawa and the reality of a crisis we are in despite the facade of celebration, andagi and kachashii.  Listen and watch this video clip.  Through the Hawaiian model we can understand and move to action our revitalization.  Yutasarugutu Unigesabira!  Kudos to Jamie for finding this clip.