Ukwanshin Launches “LooChoo nu Kwa : Children of LooChoo” series T-shirts 琉球之子オリジナルTシャツ販売中

“Fwitu nu inuchi ya kutuba nu inuchi”.  “Life of the people is in the life of their language”. With the urgency to help revitalize our Okinawan language, Ukwanshin announces the launch of the “LooChoo nu Kwa” line of T-Shirts with the remake of our “Shimanchu” line in a new design by Norman Kaneshiro.  Our original “Shimanchu” sold out and we have been receiving lots of requests for the “Shimanchu” shirt to come back.  We will be following with other shirts with different Okinawan themes and sayings, to hopefully show pride in our identity and culture through our language.  “LooChoo ” is the Okinawan pronunciation of Ryukyu,  which refers to the whole island chain from Amami to Yaeyama islands, and since we are descendants of our ancestors who came from that soil, so we are the children of Ryukyu.  We must always remember that if a language dies, so does the real identity of it’s people.  Keep in touch for the next T-shirt “Mamuti:Protect!” coming out soon.

“Loochoo nu Kwa: Children of Ryukyu” T-shirts now available!

“Loochoo nu Kwa: Children of Ryukyu” is the new t-shirt label we are introducing to help spread awareness of Ryukyu culture and identity. Our latest “Shimanchu” shirt features a saying by Eric Wada, 生まりから島ん人、何時迄ん島ん人 (Nmari kara shimanchu, itsimadin shimanchu, “Born native…Forever native”,  asserting our life-long connection to our roots and heritage. The design (created by Norman Kaneshiro) also features an important symbol of the Ryukyu people – the pine tree. The Ryukyu evergreen symbolizes not only strength and vigor, but also perserverance and fortitude as it is one of the only trees that can grow in the rocky soil near the seashore. Its deep roots symbolize our cultural heritage and the firm base that our ancestors have built so that we may thrive.

Supplies are limited, so please hurry and order yours today! Shirts will be available for pick-up and purchase at the Jikoen Hongwanji Mission Obon Matsuri on July 22 (Friday) and July 23 (Saturday), or you may send us your order via email or post. Proceeds from the sales will support our many ongoing classes and projects.

Choose from a selection of black, maroon, or deep forest green.



  • Youth M, Adult S thru XL: $15.00
  • 2XL thru 6XL: $19.00
  • Postage: $4 for first shirt, additional $1 per shirt thereafter.**
  • **Call 294-9152 or email us at to arrange for pick-up to avoid postage fees.

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