Ukwanshin Visiting Okinawa With Message of Revitalization

Ukwanshin’s Norman, Keith, Brandon and Eric will have a busy schedule on the 12 day visit during the World Uchinaanchu Taikai next month.  They will be participating in the special performance at the National Theater, along with other performers from Hawaii, including Afuso Ryu members, Frances Nakachi sensei, and many others.  However the highlight will be the concert at Tembusukan in Naha on October 20th, and the various schools and symposiums that have been set up to spread awareness of the need to protect, preserve and revitalize Okinawa’s languages, culture and history.

We were not thinking of going to Okinawa at this time, especially after just coming back from our study tour in June, but we had many ask us to return during the taikai and send our message out about the need to protect language, and culture.  People are becoming more aware of this need, especially the young ones who are in college.  NHK will also be doing a documentary on us, focusing on our view from afar and our message to protect and continue the language.

We hope to be fruitful on this visit and go with the understanding that this is for our ancestors, and we are only the instruments of their work.  Yutasarugutu Unigesabira!