Music and Dances of Okinawa Flourishes Throughout the World

The gathering of performing artists from South America, Hawaii, and mainland USA showed the preservation of the arts and continued interest in what is truly a connection to our roots and ancestors.  The level of the arts outside of Okinawa has risen to the same playing field as so many now make the sacrifices to go to Okinawa and take on the challenges of learning Music and dance.  In just about 20 years, its a big contrast to the handful of pioneers who ventured outside their local dojos to train in Okinawa.

In talking to many of the performers from mainland US and South America, the enjoyment of the dances and music is what draws them to continue the arts.  When asked about whether they think it strengthens identity, they said “yes!”  They also mentioned that they do have some sort of concern for the language and how they themselves dont speak or understand.  This show gave the performing artist the opportunity to perform on the prestigious National Theater stage, but more importantly, it started a network to support each other outside of Okinawa, as in some areas, there are only a few.