Second Tour Day Reflections of Survival and Suffering.

The real studying for the tour began today, where the morning destinations seemed to offer a heavy feeling after listening to the tragic stories of Mr. Masakatsu Takara, who was a survivor of the Tsushima Maru. In the morning we went first to the memorial hall and museum of the Tsushima Maru, which carried over 1400 onits way to Nagasaki, to get away from the enemy.  Mr. Takara provided us with some very emotional stories, which left everyone in tears.  Mr. Takara was one of the survivors.

After the stories and experiences at the Tsushima Maru Peace Museum, we stopped over at Sakima Art Museum where we were greeted by Mr. Sakima himself.  This visit only helped to draw a stronger connection to the war stories and what happened to the Okinawa people. 

We had lunch at Jimmy’s then headed to Morikawa no Kawa in Ginowan, where we visited the famous place where local folklore says an angel came down to bathe.  She left her wings offt ot he side in the the meantime a local guy saw her and fell in love.  He hid her wings so she couldnt go back, and took her home.  They married and had a son and daughter.  The son is said to have become the king of the area.  We then headed back to Naha where we heard a short lecture by the curator Mr. Hokama.  Our day ended with good Okinawan food, music and dancing at JinJin on Kokusai Dori.  It was a very nice and relaxing way to end  a heavy and thought provoking day.

Everyone dancing and singing after dinner at Jinjin Okinawa bistro