imagesUkwanshin Kabudan is pleased to announce the upcoming concert “Yuntanzaa nu Hana” (Flowers of Yomitan), featuring Okinawa guest artists Deigo Musume.  The Higa sisters of Yomitan have been bringing Okinawan folk music to audiences for decades.  They began as children, with the encouragement of their father, and travelled around Okinawa to help ease the struggles of communities emerging from the war.  They are well known for the songs “Kubagasa Gwa”, and “Kampo nu Kweenukusa”.

The concert will bring songs and stories from Yomitan, as well as Okinawa shima deeku (taiko), and Okinawan dances. It will be held at the Mamiya Theater on Saturday November 30th at 2pm.

Ukwanshin continues to provide the community with these events in hopes that it will connect the younger generation to our Okinawan culture and heritage, while also providing an opportunity to share with others in our community.  Donations and proceeds from these events help to provide scholarships, workshops, and to help assist the neighbor island Okinawa communities with their events.  We also are currently working with Okinawa in their revitalization projects for their language, history and traditional culture.

Presale tickets are available now and can be bought through this website.  Click the donations button in the side bar which will take you to a paypal secured window.  Please add 2.5% for charge service fee.

You may also write to us at to order your tickets.  Please make checks payable to Ukwanshin Kabudan and mail to PO Box 61307, honolulu, Hawaii 96839

Presale tickets are $30.  Ticket prices on the day of the show will be $35.  Seats are limited.

We are forever grateful to the many donors and supporters who make these events possible.  Through your generosity we are able to continue the work of our ancestors.

Here is a link to a clip of the Deigo Musume