“LooChoo Identity” Sports Bag Available “琉球アイデンティティ”スポーツバクパク





Gusuuyo Chuuganabira!

Ukwanshin now has available  our “Identity” ” sports bags.  :LooChoo: is the Okinawan pronunciation for Ryukyu, which is the name of our kingdom and inclusive of all islands from Amami to Yonaguni.  The kanji characters going down reads “LooChoo nu Kwa” (child/descendant of Ryukyu).  In the highlighted area we have the words in English and Okinawan, “Protect Our Language, Protect Our Culture, Protect Our Land, Protect Our Life.”

As we look to further our mission and not only help those here in Hawai`i to have a deeper understanding of our roots, we also commit ourselves to help Okinawa and take on the responsibility to carry on our traditions, learn and educate.

The bags are for a $7 donation or more each, and have free shipping within the US.  You can contact us via our email at ukwanshinkabudan@gmail.com, or send your donation through our secued paypal donation link in the sidebar.  If you wish to send a check, please make it payable to Ukwanshin Kabudan, and mail to PO Box 892725 Mililani, Hawaii 96789.  Please write “LooChoo bag” and make sure your mailing address is included and correct zip codes.

Yutasarugutu Unigeesabira!