Author: Eric

5th Loochoo Identity Summit March 22-24

Keep your dates open! March 22-24 2019 is the next LooChoo Identity Summit. We will be returning to the University of HawaiÊ»i Windward Campus, Hale Ä€koakoa.  The theme for this summit is “Washiraran, Mai Poina”, “Never Forget”, as we look at the importance to look at the past as we go into the future.  Stories […]

Ukwanshin Website and blog under construction

Haisai Gusūyo, Please excuse our website and blog as we are reworking our website after very busy schedules, and will be updating pages and postings.  We will continue to post events and announcements on our blog as we work on our website.  Stay connected for more on culture, language, entertainment and news. Yutasarugutu Unigēsabira.

Ukwanshin Workshop/Performance in Los Angeles

Last May Ukwanshin Kabudan visited the Los Angeles Okinawa community for a workshop and performance focusing on connecting back to cultural roots and history.  Although we were all the way in Southern California, it felt like home with the warm hospitality of the community and great home cooked food. The Los Angeles Okinawa community is […]

Could This Be the Future of Okinawans?

Ancient Tribe Goes Extinct as Last Member Dies Updated: 21 hours 38 minutes ago Print Text Size  E-mail More David KnowlesWriter (Feb. 5) – Marking the end of a language and an entire people, the last member of the Bo, an ancient tribe that lived in the Andaman Islands, has died. When Boa Sr, […]

Donate and Get Gifts For The Holidays

Happy Holidays! We have 2 offers for those of you who would like to get something for your donation to Ukwanshin. The first is Poinsettia plants that will be available December 5&6th at Kamemoto Nursery in Manoa, or we can deliver too. Each plant is in a 6-8″ pot and stands about 2ft tall with […]