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OFF TO YAEYAMA 八重山んかい行ちゅん

O-RI TO-RI!Our third day in Okinawa had us flying out to the Yaeyama Islands of Ishigaki and Taketomi.  These beautiful southern islands of the Ryukyu chain holds some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and traditional images.  They love their culture and it shows in the surrounding and its people. We landed at the new […]

“Ichimadin Shimanchu” Message Unites Voices and Expands Connections

From our participation in the National Theater Show, to the last school a Makabi Elementary, Ukwanshin gave the message of revitalization focused on the language.  The coinciding of the Worldwide Uchinaanchu Taikai also brought new connections and networking to expand the movement and work to help save Uchinaaguchi, and look at how it connects to […]

“Ichimadin Shimanchu” Uchinaanchu From Around the World Return With Energy, Excitement.

Young shimanchu with red shirts of eisaa design and the words “Requios” on the back stand in line for immigration clearance with us in Narita.  Some of the members are with family and their faces are full of excitement and anticipation.  They look like any of the others you would see at the Okinawa festival […]

Does this sound familiar? It’s time for Okinawa to stand up and be counted.

Language, Culture, Identity.  These three are what makes a people, and which are inseparable. Cultures, or native people who have lost their language have also lost their true identity and culture.  Those who have returned to their language have found resurgence and revitalization of its people and culture.  It is time for Okinawa to be […]

Ryukyu Shimpo English Article on Ukwanshin’s Okinawa Visit

Okinawan Americans come from Hawaii to play the sanshin at a requiem held at the Miyamori Elementary School Memorial Third generation Okinawan Americans from Hawaii play Okinawan folk songs at the memorial service held at the Miyamori Elementary School in Uruma City.   June 5, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo Fourteen Hawaiians originated from Okinawa, including 36 […]