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Bingata Workshop with Okinawa Artist

    A bingata workshop and exhibit will be held in June with visiting artist Yuhsuke Yokoe of Shuri.  We have not set a definite date yet, but are in discussion with the Academy of Arts textile department for the Honolulu wrokshop, and the Maui Ryukyu Culture Group, for the Maui workshop. The workshop will include […]

“Udui” LooChoo dance workshop brings rare glimpse of Okinawa

On January 19th, Ukwanshin continued its series of “Identity” LooChoo nu Kwa Workshop, with the “Udui” program which gave demonstrations of the various genres of court dances, and fwa udui or folk dance. The dances were explained along with the meaning of certain motions, and explanation of the costumes. The Maui Okinawa Kaikan was full […]

“LooChoo nu Kwa, Children of LooChoo”, Coming to Maui

Our production of LooChoo nu Kwa that we presented in Gushikawa, Okinawa this past summer will be performed in Maui at the Maui Arts & Culture Center on Friday, March 28th 7pm. Tickets are on sale at the box office or online at Cost for the show is $25 general admission or $20 for […]

Over 120,000 Gather in Protest

Okinawans gathered in Ginowan’s Convention Center area in overflowing numbers to show their strength and unity in wanting to keep their history and pass the war stories on to the next generation. In towns and cities, workers were given time off from work, and city buses were free to those going to the event. Each […]

Loochoo nu Kwa Culture/Identity Workshop at Jikoen

On August 25, 2007, in collaboration with the Young Okinawans of Hawai‘i, we presented our first culture/identity workshop in Honolulu at the Jikoen Hongwanji Hall from 5pm to 9:30pm. Indeed, the ancestors seemed to have had a big hand in guiding this event. Though the date and location of the venue were chosen strictly for […]