Keith Nakaganeku

Keith Nakaganeku began uta-sanshin at the age of eight under his grandfather’s tutelage and by the age of fourteen, was one of the first US-born Okinawan musicians to earn the first-level certificate in the Geino Konkuru in Okinawa. He currently holds the title of kyoshi (instructor) and is the chapter president of the longest-standing Okinawan music association in Hawai`i, the Nomura Ryu Ongaku Kyo Kai Hawaii Shibu. Also a student of Harry Seisho Nakasone, Nakaganeku is not only a former recipient of the SFCA apprenticeship, but also served twice on its selection committee. He teaches private lessons in Honolulu and teaches regularly in Maui and on Hawai`i island. A versatile musician and vocalist, Nakaganeku is the lead vocalist and ukulele player for his muti-genre/cross-culture band, Calabash. He produced and released the band’s first album, “Hawaiian Jazz Done Asian Style”, which features four different languages and his award-winning Hawaiian falsetto.