Give Aloha

September also marks the start of the Foodland Give Aloha donation program.  Ukwanshin has been very fortunate to receive substantial contributions from our generous supporters in past years.  We appreciate your continued support if you will participate in this year’s program which runs through the month of September. Donations (up to $249 per customer) can be made to Ukwanshin at any Foodland grocery store by using our code: 78959.  With your donation, Foodland will contribute an additional amount based on the total customer donations made to us. 

If you would like an acknowledgement letter (for tax purposes) from us, please ask for a copy of your Foodland receipt and send it by email to or by US postal mail to:  Ukwanshin Kabudan / PO Box 892725 / Mililani, HI 96789

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