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Ukwanshin Visiting Okinawa With Message of Revitalization

Ukwanshin’s Norman, Keith, Brandon and Eric will have a busy schedule on the 12 day visit during the World Uchinaanchu Taikai next month.  They will be participating in the special performance at the National Theater, along with other performers from Hawaii, including Afuso Ryu members, Frances Nakachi sensei, and many others.  However the highlight will […]

Ukwanshin Launches “LooChoo nu Kwa : Children of LooChoo” series T-shirts 琉球之子オリジナルTシャツ販売中

“Fwitu nu inuchi ya kutuba nu inuchi”.  “Life of the people is in the life of their language”. With the urgency to help revitalize our Okinawan language, Ukwanshin announces the launch of the “LooChoo nu Kwa” line of T-Shirts with the remake of our “Shimanchu” line in a new design by Norman Kaneshiro.  Our original […]

Obon Season Brings On Busy Schedule and Ending With First Obon With Vegas Okinawa Club

We’re off to a busy summer season, helping out the Young Okinawans of Hawaii with eisaa, bon dances in Honolulu.  Also on the schedule is Lahaina Maui, Rinzai Zen Mission Paia, Maui with the Maui Ryukyu Culture Group, Hawi Jodo Mission with the Kohala and Kona Okinawa clubs, and ending in August with a workshop, […]

” Danju Kariyushi” May 29th, 7pm, LCC Theater SOLD OUT!! MAHALO!

“Preserving Identity Through    Music, Dance, & Stage” Come with us on this historical, musical journey of our roots. Have you ever wondered about the sugar cane fields that once spread over the Ewa plains and throughout the countryside?  What happened to them and the people who worked there?  What experiences did our first generation […]

“Voices From Okinawa” By Jon Shirota, Presented by Kumu Kahua Theater

Kumu Kahua’s production of the play “Voices From Okinawa”, by Jon Shirota, brings to the forefront, the many problems Okinawans are facing and with the reality of hardships, decisions and the continued treatment of them as second class citizens in the Japanese society . The story takes place in modern day Naha Okinawa and Ginoza […]

Toshimitsu’s Niibichi in Okinawa

Toshimitsu Matayoshi, a past obuchi scholarship recipient and foreign exchange student from Okinawa, got married in Ryukyu traditional costume this past weekend.  The ceremony and reception was held at the Shuri Nikko Hotel Grand Castle.  The ceremony was followed by an elaborate 8 course dinner which took 2 hours to complete.  During the dinner, the […]

Young Okinawans of Hawaii Experiencing Return to Tradition

The Young Okinawans of Hawaii have started their bon dance season already, but this year, there’s an obvious change in appearance and purpose. With the help of Ukwanshin Kabudan, they have learned what obon is all about, and the importance of connecting this season with their ancestors through the songs and dances that have been […]

Okinawa Still Being Scarificed: Henoko and Takae Now the Targets of Base Expansion

Base expansion in Okinawa is continuing, as Okinawa is still being sacrificed and used by the Japanese Government to carry the burden of base expansion by holding out the golden carrot of money to the local government officials. Most recently, a 5400 page environmental report was released by the ministry of defense, and presented to […]