Author: Norman Kaneshiro

I remember a story…

There is a story I remember hearing attached to a dance called “Meekata.” The music is set to “Kajadifuu” and the dancers are dressed as Ryukyu castle guards wielding the rokushaku bou or long staff. The lyrics to the song are as follows:   石な子ぬ石ぬ 大瀬なるまでぃん  Ishinagu nu ishi nu, ufushi naru madin うかきぶせぇみしょり 我御主がなし Ukakibushee mishori, […]

Okinawan Performing Arts Exhibit at UH Manoa

I’ve been off radar for the past couple of months working feverishly on an exhibit at UHM entitled, “Mii-gusui, Mimi-gusui, Sustenance for the Eyes and Ears: Okinawan Performing Arts.” This exhibit was commissioned by the newly created Center for Okinawan Studies, which officially opened on July 1. The exhibit is located on the 1st floor […]

Mahalo to the supporters of “Loochoo nu Kwa” in Maui…

The Ukwanshin Kabudan would like to extend its sincerest aloha and mahalo to all the people who contributed in so many different ways to making our production of “Loochoo nu Kwa: The Children of Loochoo” in Maui a success. Its a long list, but each and every one of your names must be included:   […]

Loochoo nu Kwa Culture/Identity Workshop at Jikoen

On August 25, 2007, in collaboration with the Young Okinawans of Hawai‘i, we presented our first culture/identity workshop in Honolulu at the Jikoen Hongwanji Hall from 5pm to 9:30pm. Indeed, the ancestors seemed to have had a big hand in guiding this event. Though the date and location of the venue were chosen strictly for […]

Following in the Footsteps of a Master: The Accomplishments of Harry Seisho Nakasone

Since both of the main musicians of the Kabudan are also students of Nakasone-sensei, we’re posting this. Though Nakasone-sensei has the highest national honors in both the US and Japan, he has a very poor web presence. Hopefully this post will help others who want information on the master. ——————————————————————– Uta nu michi – “the […]

A History of the Nomura Ryū Ongaku Kyō Kai Hawaii Shibu

Since both of the main musicians in the Ukwanshin Kabudan are members of the Nomura RyÅ« Ongaku Kyō Kai Hawaii Shibu, I figured we’d post this history of the organization in Hawaii…. ———————————————————————————– Of all of their cultural treasures, Okinawans have always held a special place for music in their lives. Through political upheaval, economic […]