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2016 Uchinaanchu Taikai; “Ê»Imi” To Seek Through Our Dreams

We have just returned form a very hectic but successful and once again humbling journey back to our Ê»nmarijima” of our ancestors. We travelled along with members of the Young Okinawans of HawaiÊ»i, family that now lives in Boston, and members from Hilo, HawaiÊ»i. We were also joined by other HawaiÊ»i participants who wanted to […]

“LooChoo Identity” Sports Bag Available “琉球アイデンティティ”スポーツバクパク

      Gusuuyo Chuuganabira! Ukwanshin now has available  our “Identity” ” sports bags.  :LooChoo: is the Okinawan pronunciation for Ryukyu, which is the name of our kingdom and inclusive of all islands from Amami to Yonaguni.  The kanji characters going down reads “LooChoo nu Kwa” (child/descendant of Ryukyu).  In the highlighted area we have […]

OFF TO YAEYAMA 八重山んかい行ちゅん

O-RI TO-RI!Our third day in Okinawa had us flying out to the Yaeyama Islands of Ishigaki and Taketomi.  These beautiful southern islands of the Ryukyu chain holds some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and traditional images.  They love their culture and it shows in the surrounding and its people. We landed at the new […]

Uchinaa Haru Gakumun nu Tabi

Although we have been doing our November Okinawa Gakumun Tours for the past 6 years, this is the first time we are adding on a spring tour. Since this one is led by a single tour guide, we kept it small (12) and welcome participants from not only Honolulu, but from Moku o Keawe and […]


Ukwanshin Kabudan is pleased to announce the upcoming concert “Yuntanzaa nu Hana” (Flowers of Yomitan), featuring Okinawa guest artists Deigo Musume.  The Higa sisters of Yomitan have been bringing Okinawan folk music to audiences for decades.  They began as children, with the encouragement of their father, and travelled around Okinawa to help ease the struggles […]


新里かつみ先生(91才)や真心持ち、歌三線世界ぬ宝。来月二十六日に新里三線会の皆さんが先生に“真心”リサイタル、ハワイコンベンションセンターで。 Living in a humble home in Kalihi, Shinsato sensei is like a father and grandfather to all his students.  He started utasanshin at age 20, while struggling to make a living in Honolulu. He said, hearing the voice of the sanshin made him remember his time in Okinawa with his mother. Because he wasn’t […]