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OFF TO YAEYAMA 八重山んかい行ちゅん

O-RI TO-RI!Our third day in Okinawa had us flying out to the Yaeyama Islands of Ishigaki and Taketomi.  These beautiful southern islands of the Ryukyu chain holds some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and traditional images.  They love their culture and it shows in the surrounding and its people. We landed at the new […]

Washita Ichiman Concert Brings Young and Old Together

“Washita Ichiman” concert at the Doris Duke Theater and Kona’s LEAD Theater brought surprise and emotional experiences that went beyond the stage. Tomoko Uehara showed a side that most people didn’t expect, while Atsuko Tamagusuku brought the audience to experience her story through her animated dance choreography. Ukwanshin Kabudan brought the two cousins to Hawaii […]

Ii Sougwachi Debiru! いい正月でびる!Happy New Year!

The Lunar New Year is more commonly referred to as “Chinese New Year”, and was observed on January 23rd. Most of Asia still retains the Lunar New Year as their larger celebration to welcome in the Chinese zodiac representative for that year, as it also traditionally was also linked to prayers and thanksgiving for the […]

“Ichimadin Shimanchu” Uchinaanchu From Around the World Return With Energy, Excitement.

Young shimanchu with red shirts of eisaa design and the words “Requios” on the back stand in line for immigration clearance with us in Narita.  Some of the members are with family and their faces are full of excitement and anticipation.  They look like any of the others you would see at the Okinawa festival […]

Ukwanshin Visiting Okinawa With Message of Revitalization

Ukwanshin’s Norman, Keith, Brandon and Eric will have a busy schedule on the 12 day visit during the World Uchinaanchu Taikai next month.  They will be participating in the special performance at the National Theater, along with other performers from Hawaii, including Afuso Ryu members, Frances Nakachi sensei, and many others.  However the highlight will […]

Ukwanshin Tour Connects Identity, Spirituality, and Culture

Ukwanshin’s 5th Gakumun Tour to Okinawa was another visit full of unforgettable events, emotion and information.  Out of all the tours, this must have been the most personal, as it brought us into so much personal contact and information than any other.  I think that this was able to happen because we as a group […]

Iha Four Sisters’ “Tinsagunu Hana Concert” in Hawaii Highlights

Haisai Gusuyoo! We finally have highlights from the sold out Iha Four Sisters’ concerts in Honolulu . The clip is courtesy of Bobby Estrella of TriStar Video.  We would once again like to thank all of you who supported this project, and which brought back so much memories.  It was the first time I have […]