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Ukwanshin Okinawa Study Tour and Conference 2009

The fourth study tour presented by Ukwanshin will be departing for Okinawa on October 19-28th. The theme of our tour and conference is “How Do We Preserve Our Identity and Culture.” As in the past, we try to avoid the commercial, tourist areas, and focus on places that connect us to history, culture, music, dance, […]

Union Group Observes 400th Anniversary of Satsuma Invasion: End of Peace for LooChoo

             An Okinawan union group and a group of about 150 observed the anniversary of the Satsuma invasion of Okinawa yesterday, marking the 400th anniversary.  According to historical documents, the Satsuma invaders took hold of northern Okinawa, through Nakijin, on April 24th, 1609, and went on to Shuri, to force […]

“Katachiki/Bingata” Workshop Fosters Exchange and Appreciation for Royal Art

bingataworkshop1.pdf bingataworkshope3.pdf bingataworkshop2.pdf Saturday and Sunday, August 9th and 10th, a total of 35 Hawai`i residents enjoyed and experienced the art of making the royal cloth of “katachiki” or bingata stencil dyed fabric. This workshop is in conjunction with Yuhske Yokoi’s exhibit at the Academy Arts Center Linekona, which is running through August 20th.  Scheduled […]

Almost 3/4 of seats for Ukwanshin Kabudan’s “LooChoo nu Kwa” show @ Mamiya Theater sold!

Wow!  Tickets are selling fast for the LooChoo nu Kwa show in Honolulu, at the Mamiya Theater. If you haven’t already bought your tickets, you can still get them by calling Eric (292-8862) or Norman (294-9152), or charge by phone 550-TIKS(8457).  You can also go online to  A service fee of $2.50 will be […]