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Gathering Ingredients For Okinawan Foods For “Sogwachi” New Year

February 3rd begins the lunar new year of the Rabbit.  Preparations begin weeks in advance, and to re-introduce Okinawan/LooChoo tradition of celebrating the lunar new year, and to pass on traditional food preparation, Ukwanshin had its first field trip here to Chinatown.  As our elders and ancestors did before, we walked through Chinatown to discover […]

Ukwanshin in Okinawa: Standing Room Only in Haebaru Greets Ukwanshin

Haebaru Culture Center was bustling with people in anticipation of the discussion and live concert by various speakers and Ukwanshin.  People came out after the typhoon the day before, and listened to Hawaii connections and experiences of Okinawa identity, revitalization, and music. The evening began with the Haebaru High School students performing Kagiyadefu, Tanchame, andKurushima […]

Las Vegas “Kariyushi” Okinawan Cultural Workshop Brings Vegas Okinawans to Vibrant Start

Ukwanshin Kabudan presented its first workshop, and Okinawan Cultural Celebration “Kariyushi” at the JACL Center.  It was one of the biggest events for both the fledgeling Okinawa Kenjin Kai and JACL.  A standing room crowd of about 200 filled the room as presentation of Okinawan intsruments, music and dances were given, in conjunction with examples […]

Obon Season Brings On Busy Schedule and Ending With First Obon With Vegas Okinawa Club

We’re off to a busy summer season, helping out the Young Okinawans of Hawaii with eisaa, bon dances in Honolulu.  Also on the schedule is Lahaina Maui, Rinzai Zen Mission Paia, Maui with the Maui Ryukyu Culture Group, Hawi Jodo Mission with the Kohala and Kona Okinawa clubs, and ending in August with a workshop, […]

Maui Okinawa Children’s Day Camp Gives Children a Taste of Culture

From June 1-4, the Maui Okinawa Kenjin Kai held its annual Okinawa Children’s Day Camp at the Maui Okinawa Center. “Warabincha”, children, were treated to an array of activities which helped them to learn about Okinawan and Japanese culture.  Many of the things the chhildren got involved with, were hands on, and which allowed the […]

“Danju Kariyushi” Brings Audience to Their Feet With Nostalgia, History, Connection.

“Danju Kariyushi” played to a sold out audience that experienced laughter, tears, nostalgia, history, and connection to identity. Stories that many had heard in bits and pieces unfolded on stage and connected pieces that brought closure to some and enabled others to fit in the missing pieces to understand stories they had heard before. Short […]

Maui Okinawa Community Awakens Its First Shisaa: Over 1,000 Witness Rare Event

The Maui Okinawan community came together August 22nd for the rare treat of awakening its first shisaa/lion.  What made it more special was that the shisaa was made entirely in Maui, by Maui members of maui Ryukyu Culture Group.  The Shisaa awakening ceremony was the prelude to the Paia Rinzai Zen Mission’s Bon Dance Festival, […]

Young Okinawans of Hawaii Experiencing Return to Tradition

The Young Okinawans of Hawaii have started their bon dance season already, but this year, there’s an obvious change in appearance and purpose. With the help of Ukwanshin Kabudan, they have learned what obon is all about, and the importance of connecting this season with their ancestors through the songs and dances that have been […]